Call 109 For Any Violence Against Women And Children in Bangladesh

Violence Against women and children are increasing rapidly in our society. as an ideal citizen of Bangladesh we all should take some initiative to prevent this types of criminal activities. government of Bangladesh has taken some digital initiative to prevent this types of crime. toll free number 109 is now on of the best way to inform the concern police department and authority to inform about this types of activities. after getting information they will take rapid initiative by the concern police department. victim himself or any other person on behalf of victim can call at 109.

Activities That Can Be Treated As Violence against women and children:

  1. Any Types of Physical Assault on Women And Children.
  2. Any Types of Sexual Assault on Women And Children.
  3. Any Types Of Sexual Harassment on Women And Children.
  4. If You Are (Women and children) the victim of any types of burn.
  5. If You Are (Women and children) are threaten by anyone.
  6. If you are interested to know about any issue regarding Violence against women and children.

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