Common Reason For Divorce In Texas

If you are decided to divorce in Texas than, you must follow some rules and procedure. In this article, I will discuss the full process about the divorce in Texas. A married life becomes happy by the understanding of both parties. Sometimes this understanding doesn’t come before the marriage. The relation between a boyfriend and girlfriend is totally different from a relation between a husband and wife. In some cases, this not possible to know the partner very closely before marriage. After marriage, both partners are remaining together and they can know each other from very close. We are observing for so many years that, the divorce rates are growing higher day by day. This is also not a good sign in the view of social bonding. On the other hand, some divorce is logical. Due to so many reasons a decision comes from the partner for getting divorced. You will be surprised that in Texas divorce rate are huge than other states. As a lawyer, we didn’t support to make divorce on an instant. So, let’s see some common reason for divorce before going to the procedure of divorce.

Common reason for divorce in Texas:

  1. Husband didn’t give enough time to his wife. And wife day by day becomes lonely. And in some cases, they can’t tolerate this ignorance. And finally decided to separate.
  2. If some cases above happened for the husband.
  3. Partner husband/wife relations with other people. In that cases, this relation becomes more complex and it breaks the trust from each other. So, this is one of the major reason for divorce in Texas.
  4. Sexual inability also a common reason of divorce in Texas. Although this problem is depending on the ethics of the partner. But, this is also another reason of divorce in Texas.
  5. Without any Reason, some people interested to give divorce just for his independent life. Someone believes that a divorce can give him independence. Although this is not a good practice at all. And this also reduces the social bonding.
  6. Maintenance is also a reason of divorce. Due to inability or any physical disability if one partner can’t effort to continue the life expenditure in that cases a mutual divorce can happen.

So according to the Texas Law, there are seven grounds of divorce. And this is called seven valid grounds according to Texas Law.

  1. In supportability: this is only the conditions where no fault is shown to file for divorce. A couple says that in that cases they just want to realize that this marriage was not a right for them.
  2. Adultery: adultery is also a valid reason for divorce. Adultery proved that your partner is cheating with you. And types of cheating are not accepted socially. So, adultery is a valid reason for you to claim a divorce.
  3. Cruelty: this is very unhuman behavior with the partner. When this cruelty is not possible to tolerate. You can claim for divorce in that situation.
  4. Convicted in any criminal offenses: when your spouse is convicted in any criminal offense for more than 1 year or more. And which is not pardoned by the court. In that cases, you can also claim for convicted.
  5. Abandonment of spouse: if your spouse is abandoned from you for more than one year. And no possibility of coming back. Or no intention of coming back. In that case, you may file for a divorce in Texas.
  6. Living apart for more than 3 years: if your spouse is living apart from you for more than 3 years or longer from you. And no communication and physical relation in between you and your spouse. This is also a valid ground of divorce for you to claim divorce in Texas.
  7. Mentally sick: if your spouse is mentally sick and admitted in a mental hospital for more than three years. In that cases, you can claim for divorce.

So, in Texas, this common reason and valid grounds are quite enough to file for a divorce in Texas. Before filing a divorce in Texas, you have to follow some procedure of divorce in Texas.


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