Company Return Submission Process in Bangladesh

Company Return submission is mandatory for all the registered company in Bangladesh. Company return is a process to pay the government taxes according to your company income. unfortunately most of the young promoters are not aware about company return. as a result when they missed to pay the company return on due time they need to face lots of problem. This is most important for a company to submit the company return on due time.

Documents Required for Company Return Submission:

  1. Bank Statement of a Company in The Name Of Company.
  2. Incorporation Certificate of a Company.
  3. Memorandum And Article of association of a company.
  4. Trade License copy of a company.
  5. All the TIN Certificate of company Director.
  6. Receipt of income and expenditure of a company.
  7. Income Statement (Prepared By CA Firm)
  8. Cash Follow statement (Prepared By CA Firm)
  9. Financial Statement (Prepared By CA Firm)
  10. Balance Sheet (Prepared By CA Firm)

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