How to Appoint a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Dhaka Bangladesh

To appoint a criminal defence lawyer in Dhaka District you need to follow the article below. A Criminal Defence Lawyer is basically an advocate practising in the court directly to protect the interest of his clients in various criminal matter. criminal cases like getting bail from the court, discharging client from the false cases, ensuring justice for clients in all the criminal issue is the main role of a criminal defense lawyer. any individual or company can appoint a criminal defense lawyer for maintaining their case. but you should consider some issues before appointing your lawyer. 

finding a good, trusted and reliable lawyer is the first step for a client before dealing any criminal case. in this case if you can’t find lawyer by yourself than you can search for the members directory of dhaka bar association. this association is only for the enrolled lawyer in Dhaka District. you can visit this website to know about the advocate community of Bangladesh. you can search by typing name of a lawyer. all the listed lawyer in the database of this website are genuinely valid and permitted to practise in Bangladesh as a lawyer. 

What You Need to Consider to select lawyer in Dhaka:

  1. Ensure that he is an Advocate at first. you can check her name on the Database.
  2. Make Sure that you are dealing with an advocate not with any other person.
  3. Never miss to take a visiting card of your lawyer.
  4. it is suggested that your lawyer has a permanent place to sit and you will get him on that place in office time.

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