To Involve With Export Import Business Customs Duty Calculation is must. is it very important as an importer or exporter that. how customs duty applied on your products. depending on the customs duty calculation you may take a decision about your product pricing and business strategy. to increase your profit and reduce your extra cost you need to know this calculation. now on this video i am going to tell you about how you can easily calculate your customs duty.

Export Import Business In Bangladesh and Customs Duty Rate:

Bangladesh is now getting ready to recognize as a developing country. and all this credits goes to the business man of this country. day by day our export products are rapidly increasing. we are doing business with all over the world. our economic makes us financially and socially changed. we are looking for the products that are now used by the developed country. we are importing so much expensive products from the 1st tier country. it shows that our business is growing rapidly. as a result a rapid changes being happened in our customs also. customs authority applying new rules and tariff and changing those tariff frequently in a year. so, at first you have to know what is your current customs tariff for a specific products. you will get a tariff book from the customs house. go for the latest version. choose a product and find out the HS Code of that product. after that look for what CD, SD, RD, AIT, VAT, ATV applied for that product. after that calculate by following videos given below.

Customs Duty Calculation Video

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