In Texas there is some basic requirements you must have to fulfill to file a divorce. Divorce is a separation of two people from the legal bindings. And beside this this is also a separation of all the asset property and other things. A divorce gives a spouse an independent life from the binding of any specific person. We all are social human being. We need each other to enjoy our life. As a human being we always find out the happiness in everywhere. We need someone’s love someone care to each other. But as we have seen our experience people are day by day becomes lonely. Some people don’t like this socialism. Some people can’t leave with this touch. In all cases one thing is common. And that is our happiness.

So, now let’s see the basic requirements before filing a divorce in Texas.

First requirement: if you want to file for a divorce in Texas you need to fulfill the residency requirements. That means you must have stay in Texas for the time at least six months from the date you want to file for divorce. It is not mandatory that you both need to stay for Six month in the same state. If any of the spouse lives in Texas for last six months. This is enough to get eligible for divorce in Texas. This rule is applicable for Texas only. So, if you want divorce except Texas. Than you may do so.

Second Requirement: the second requirement to get eligible for divorce is, you must have seven valid reason for divorce. if your divorce is subject to any of this reason than you can file for divorce in Texas.

The Seven Reason of Divorce in Texas:

First one is in supportability, second one is cruelty, third one is adultery, fourth one is conviction in any court, fifth one is mentally sick, sixth one is abandonment and the las one is living part from the spouse. To know more details about these seven reasons see this article.

Third Requirement: staying in the same county for more than 90 days. If you want to file a divorce you must to fulfill this requirement also with the other requirements. You or your spouse must need to stay for the last 90 days. All your divorce procedure will take place by that counties rules and regulation. All your divorce hearing, witness and arguments will take place in that county court.

If you can fulfill all the requirements stated above than you can file for divorce in Texas. So, this requirement is so important for a person who seeking divorce in Texas. every state in the united states has its some common rules and regulation. Beside the federal laws of the united stated this county law is also important for everyone. The divorce percentage in Texas has dramatically grown up in last few years. Sociologist are so tensed about this issue. They said that this dramatical grown up in the divorce is not a good sign for the society. As a lawyer we are also not supporting this issue. A divorce should be logical. A divorce should me based on valid grounds. But we have seen that some people are misusing this divorce. they just making divorce and separating from each other after few days of physical relation. This is not moral. This is not ethical. if this situation continuous in the united states than there is waiting an upcoming danger for the future generation. May be a son will not find his father and mother any more. They will not get love and affection from anyone. As a result, they will take care about anyone. So, we are human being not a machine. This is not possible to leave in this world lonely. Just imagine what would happen to your mind if you are the only person in the world? I hope your dream says so many things on this question. But finally, you will realize that a person can’t live his whole life without a love, help and support of other human. We need to be more patience. We need to think more and more before going to take a decision about divorce. because life is one time. If you lose this time it will never back again. It will never give you a second chance.

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