Drone Laws in Bangladesh। Entertainment Drone Flying Rules in Bangladesh

Are you confused about the drone laws in Bangladesh? Do you exactly know that drone is allowed or not in Bangladesh? If yes, what is the drone flying rules in Bangladesh? and how to get drone license in Bangladesh? in this article i am going to discuss about each and every question and its authentic answer step by step. so, read this full article carefully.

In recent years drone is so much popular device around the world. especially young generation are very crazy about having a drone. in most cases young drone user are generally using drone for filming short video footage and nature photography. there are so many different types of drone around the world. each one has a different built purposes. generally drone user mostly uploading their video on social medial like YouTube, Facebook. people around the world using drone for various purposes. some of them are using drone for entertainment. and some of them are using drone for military uses. and some drone are using for research and agriculture development purposes. there are so many different types of drone. but today we will talk about such drone which is usually used for capturing short video footage and photography.

Is there Any Drone Laws in Bangladesh?

In Short when i am writing this article still now there are no such drone laws in Bangladesh available. but in very recent days government has taken an initiative to make a policy for drone users. as a result on 23rd January 2020 ministry of civil aviation and tourism prepared a final draft of drone licensing and flying policy 2020.

in this policy there is a lots of rules and restriction for different types of drone user. this policy divided drone users in to a 4 category for flying permission depending on its uses.

Category of Drone Users in Bangladesh

A Category: Drone usage Only For Entertainment

B Category: For Education, Research and non commercial usage by the government/private sector/ and individuals.

C Category: Survey, Still Photography, Film Production, And Development Purpose project and professional, commercial usage.

D Category: Drone using for Military and Government usage.

So Today I Am Going to Discuss on Category A.

Category A Drone User Rules And Restriction.

The Following types of drone usage will be treated as an entertainment:

  1. You Can Fly Drone That Has Capacity to Fly Not More Than 7 KG Weight with Payload.
  2. Or A Drone That Has Capacity to Fly Not More Then 100 Feet/30.48 Meter Altitude.
  3. This Type Of Drone can fly in a Green Zone without any prior Approval.
  4. Drone That Has Capacity to payload more then 7 KG and capacity to fly more then 100 feet in altitude need approval according to the Civil aviation authority policy.
  5. In This A Category you can not fly in yellow and red zone.
  6. You have to fly your drone within daylight.
  7. You Cannot use drone when and where it is a threat for the security of the government and people.
  8. whatever the category you can not fly drone within 5 kilometer of any VVIP movement. and until the ends of any movement you are restricted to fly drone.
  9. you can not use drone within the range of 5 kilometer of any national or international event or meeting. unless your drone is a part of that event.

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