Drone License And Flying Policy 2020। Drone Policy 2020 Download

Government of Bangladesh prepared a drone policy 2020. To Download drone policy 2020 read this article. at last 23rd January 2020 they modified this policy for the second time. hopefully within very few months they will finalize this drone policy for the general people of Bangladesh. drone policy 2020 will be the very first policy for the drone user of Bangladesh.

In this Drone Policy there are 4 diffirent catagory considering the behavious of use and drone capacity.

  1. A Category: Entertainment Drone User. That Means drone using only for entertainment only. according to this category drone capacity of flying cannot be more then 100 feet/30.48 Miter. or drone that has maximum payload capacity upto 7 KG.
  2. B Category: drone using for research and education purposes by the government and private institution fall under this category.
  3. C Category: drone using for still photography, survey and film-making or any other commercial uses will fall under this category.
  4. D Category: Drone using for military or defense security purposes will fall under this category.

A Category Drone User Do Not Need Any License or Approval. But If your drone capacity is above the limit mentioned above then you need to register your drone and take license. And For B, C And D Category Drone Uses All of them Must Need License and Registration.

To Know More Details About Drone Policy 2020 Download the policy from the Link Below:

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