Drone Policy in Bangladesh 2020 Latest Update

Do you want to know the latest drone policy in Bangladesh 2020 update? Ministry of Civil Aviation, Bangladesh prepared a Draft Drone Policy for the all types of drone users. this drone policy will be applicable for all the government, semi government, private institution, and individual drone user. people can not use this policy in dishonest intention.

Government has decided to divided this drone policy in to four different category for making drone permission easier. these 4 category are given below:

Category A Drone User Policy in Bangladesh:

In this category a drone user can use his drone only for entertainment purpose. a drone user can fly his drone within Green zone Territory by following some rules and restriction:

Rules And Restriction for A Category (Entertainment) Drone User:

  1. By Using CAAB Drone Apps Geo fencing system A Category drone user can fly his drone within the green zone territory without any types of approval or restriction.
  2. If You are an entertainment user (A Category User) or your Drone has capacity to fly more then 100 Feet Or 30.48 Meter in altitude or has capacity to fly with payload more 7 KG then you have to register your drone. otherwise if your drone capacity is below that limit then you dont need to register. one interesting thing is that if you have the best drone in today’s market like DJI Mavic 2 Pro then you are safe in consideration of payload/takeoff weight. because its takeoff weight is 907 Gram which is far more lower then the limit mentioned above. but on the other hand mavic 2 pro maximum service ceiling from the sea level is 6000 meter or 19685 feet which is much higher then the mentioned limit. so may be you will be able to use drone like dji mavic 2 pro by showing the payload consideration.
  3. you have to make a plan before flying your drone to recover the unwanted issues like, shortage of battery, out of control issue, drone lost issue, threat for animal and human.
  4. According to Drone Policy 2020 for A, B and C Category Drone Uses your drone frequency must be between 2.4 or 5.8 Gigahertz. in that case DJI Mavic 2 Pro also wins because its operating frequency is 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz. and 5.725 to 5.850 GHz. which is exactly according to the limit. so you can fly DJI Mavic 2 Pro without any problem. otherwise if your drone frequency is above that limit then you have to take NO Objection certificate from BTRC.
  5. if you want to fly your drone in yellow and red zone then you have to take permission from several different authority.
  6. you have to fly your drone within daylight in any zone. if you want to fly after sunset and before sunrise then you have take permission from the authority.
  7. your drone operation can not contain any security threat to the government, public or any animal.
  8. in this A Category if your drone capacity is within the above limit then you dont need to register your drone and do not need to take any Identification No.
  9. Before flying your drone ensure that there is no VVIP Movement within 5 Kilometer of your drone operation. stop your drone operation before 3 hours earlier and till the ends of VVIP Movement.
  10. you can not fly your drone within 5 kilometer of any national and international event. only the event organizer can fly drone with prior approval.

So, these are the drone policy in Bangladesh which still now not effective. but final draft of that policy has been published on 23rd january 2020. so, we hope that very soon this policy will come to an effect. and as a result lots of young youtubers and short video maker will get facility to fly their drone without any hassle.

Category B:

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