Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children

Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children are so much alarming. an child brain is so sharp than an adult. at early stage every child dreams on his mind that his or her father and mother will love him or her simultaneously. they will love them and always share their happiness and sadness together. but after divorce when husband and wife become separated they fill so lonely on their own. they become so much rude and harsh in their behaviour. day by day that child become so much conservative than others. he or she doesn’t want to play with others. do not interested to talk so much with friends and relative. actually they become unsocial day by day. they forget the love and affection in so early stage.

Effects of Divorce on Children:

  1. Child Become Rude And Unsocial Day By Day
  2. Lack Brain Development
  3. Lack Of Own Care
  4. Uncertain Future Aim And Destination
  5. In Some Cases Does Not Get Proper Education
  6. Child Becomes Mentally Week For This Separation.
  7. Different Types Of Mental And Physical Problem May Arise.
  8. Source Of Live Living Materials May Fall Under Risk . And So Many Things.



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