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To get free online legal advice lawsnlawyers has been taken several initiative. we know that people are searching for finding out so many problems via online. but actually to know how you can solve your basic legal problem you will not find enough number of contents over the internet to solve. as a result when you are fall in a legal problem you get tensed and depressed. but as an ideal citizen of Bangladesh. we all must have to know the Basic Laws of Bangladesh. if every people are aware about the punishment of every offences and its consequences than may be crime rate will decrease day by day.

Why basic legal knowledge is Important?

To take legal advice and dependable trustworthy support from a lawyer is not easy for all. a proper authentic legal advice can give you a proper guideline that how you will face your legal problem. to have the basic legal knowledge of Bangladesh is so much important for an ideal citizen. this simple legal knowledge can help you in any situation of your life. this legal knowledge will help you take decision on a critical situation of your life.

How You Will Get free online legal advice?

To get free online legal advice lawsnlawyers gives you three different methods to learn about basic Law

Legal Advice Support Method 1:

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Legal Advice Support Method 2:

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Legal Advice Support Method 3:

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1 year ago

জনাব, আস সালামু আলাইকুম ।
আমাদের মৃত দাদার সম্পত্তির আমাদের অংশ আমার এক চাচা জোরপূর্বক দখল করে আছে । চাচা ইহা বন্টনও করতে নারাজ । আমাদের পিতা গত হয়েছে 15 বছর আগে । দাদার ওয়ারিশ ছয় ছেলে , তিন মেয়ে ও এক বিবি । আমরা ব্যতীত সকল ওয়ারিশ দাদার সম্পত্তি ভোগ করে, কিন্তু আমাদের পিতা মৃত্যুর করনে, এক চাচা আমাদের প্রাপ্য সকল সম্পত্তি জবরদখল করে ও বন্টনের প্রস্তাব প্রত্যাখান করে ।
আমরা সম্পত্তি চাইলে তিনি সন্ত্রাসী হামলা করে ।এমতাবস্থায় আমরা অসহায়ত্ব বধ করছি ।
কিভাবে আমরা চাচার নিকট হইতে আমাদের ন্যায্য সম্পত্তি পাইতে পারি?

1 year ago

Good day I have a problem with my boss I was in small accident with a company bus were I was stand in the traffic light then a truck with an abnormal load hit me behind rear right side bus and got all the details of the truck , driver and the company of the truck and open case got case number headed in all the details the office so that they can send it to the insurance to investigate and pay out the claim and both of the truck and the bus has insurance and now my boss want… Read more »

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