How can a father get full custody of his child in Bangladesh?

If You are Interested to Know How can a father get full custody of his child in Bangladesh than read this article. Custody and guardianship are not the same legal rights. a father is always a legal guardian of a child according to the law of Bangladesh. but a father is not generally entitled to get a custody of his child until a certain age. but this is not the strict and fixed rules for father. a father is eligible to get his child custody before the minority or certain age if mother of that child get married to a second husband. and involves in any criminal activities.

When a father get full custody of his child:

If a Father is concern and caring for his child than In the Following Condition a father will get full custody of his child.

  1. A Father will get custody of his Male Child Age over 7 years old.
  2. A Father will get custody of his female child age over 18 years or until puberty.
  3. A Father is also entitled to get custody before that age in certain conditions.

Situation When a Father Will get custody of child Before Minority:

We Know that according to Muslim law and guardianship law a mother is generally entitled to get custody of a male child aged below 7 years and female child aged below puberty or 18 years. but in certain situation a mother may lose his this rights. all that will be decided by the civil court.

So, Here is the Three Main Reason When A mother can lost his eligibility to get appointed as a custodian.

  1. If A Mother get Married to a Second Husband.
  2. If A Mother Involve Or Engage in Any Dishonest life.
  3. If A Mother is Not Careful enough for her child.

So, I Hope we have understood by this article that how can a father get full custody of his child. so, a father is generally a guardian for all time for his child. but in case of custody issue a father will get his child custody after a certain age unless arising the following situation mentioned above.

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