How To Become A Lawyer। Lawyer Career & Law Qualifications Details

Are You Interested to Know How to become an advocate or how to become a lawyer in Bangladesh? If Yes That In This Article I Am Going to Tell You How is Law Career? Law Qualifications and advocate definition in law. So Lets Start

What Is An Advocate?

An Advocate is a Professional Designation of a Person working in the field of law to protect and ensure the natural justice of every citizen of a country. This Professional Designation Varies depending on the country like some asian country called a lawyer as an “Advocate” as a Professional Designation. And Some European Country Called A Lawyer “Barrister”. In the United States A Lawyer is Called As “Attorney”. So Every Person or Every Lawyer Cant Introduce Them As An Advocate, Barrister, Or Attorney Until They Are licensed by the concerned authority of that country. in every country there is a Bar Association or Bar Council. they are basically a part of the government body to give a license a person for practicing law in that country. and a person must have to a member of that bar authority by giving exam and viva.

An Advocate is A Legal Representative of a General Citizen of A Country. All the legal procedure like filing cases and complain to the court and taking a judgement in favour of the client by providing enough witness and evidence and release a person from the legal hassle is the main objective of an advocate.

How To Become A Lawyer?

The Person Who has taken a degree of law and studying and researching and working in the field of law is called lawyer. there is one thing to remeber that every lawyer is not permitted to practice in the court until they are licensed by the concern authority. so every lawyer is not an advocate, barrister or attorney but every advocate, barrister and attorney is obviously a lawyer.

How Is Law Career?

Law Career is the Most Prestigious Career in the World. So, This is the Best Career for Every Person in the World. But The Main Problem in this Career is that you have to struggle hard in the early stage of legal career. When You Will gather Few Experience On This Profession you will start loving your profession. So Patience is most important in this field. and most important thing is this field is that do not look for money in the early stage of this legal profession. instead of looking for money start looking for experience. if you gather experience money will come automatically.

Law Qualifications:

You Need Two Types of Qualifications to get success in this career.

  1. Personal Qualifications
  2. Educational Qualifications

How To Become A Lawyer With Personal Qualification:

You Must Have to Cleaver, Open Minded, Enthusiastic, Professional, Well Behaviour And A Person With Logical Capabilities.

How To Become A Lawyer With Educational Law Qualifications:

Any Person Who Have Completed A Degree in Law And Working In The Field Of Law Can Be Called As ” Lawyer”.

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