How to file a case for restitution of conjugal rights

Restitution of conjugal rights is basically a process and procedure of law to get a decree from the court applicable for the husband or wife to continue their marital relationship.

Marriage is a contract or an agreement follows by the religious rules and regulation. the main objective of marriage is to build a conjugal relation by following social and religious procedure. marriage means a bonding and commitment for living together forever. but, unfortunately all the married couple are not lucky enough to continue their relation for lifetime. there are so many reason for divorce we are observing at the moment. husband and wife both are taking decision for divorce for so many reason which is not possible to discuss in this article. husband and wife both two party in a marriage. if one party of marriage decided to live separate without any valid reason prescribed by law than other party can claim the restitution of conjugal rights. today we only discuss about how to file a case for restitution of conjugal rights. 

Procedure of Filing a Case Of Restitution of Conjugal Rights:

  1. You need to File This Case Where You and Your Wife Last Stayed together. Or You Can file a Case where your wife permanently residing now. 
  2. You Need to File a Case under family court or senior assistant judge court. because this is a civil nature case. 
  3. You need to Bring Your Nikahnama or Kabinnama as a proof of your marriage.
  4. You Need to bring your National Identity Card
  5. If You have any GD where you can prove that when and under what situation your wife left your house. 

so, after preparing this documents you need to go to your lawyer to file the case of restitution of conjugal rights.

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