How to Start a Partnership Business in Bangladesh and Things to Consider

If You want to start a partnership business in bangladesh than this article is exactly for you. we will discuss in this article what you need to know and how to start a partnership business firm in Bangladesh. and what documents you need to prepare to start a partnership firm.

Things to Consider Before Starting Partnership Business in Bangladesh

  1. At first You need to choose the right and perfect partner for you. and this is seriously a most important factor to start a partnership business. if your partner selection gonna wrong. than you will definitely be a loser in this business. test and examine your partner by utilizing your IQ, and commonsense. and do it to check her honesty, punctuality, attitude, manner, behaviour, and commitment maintaining capacity. and also check by humor. ask yourself that, is he capable to handle the business risk and responsibility? and last but not the least ensure his financial ability. 
  2. After selecting your partner you need to decide and make plan about your business. and you need to make a master plan for your business. you all need to take decision combindly for the common interest. and this is most important in the partnership business.
  3. think about your combined total capital and how much capital is needed to start your business. calculate the costing of your business setup. and think can you start earning profit from the 1st day of your business. if not than what is plan b for you. 
  4. If you are confirm that your planning and all things are well enough to start your business than start your paperwork. 
  5. Remember one think that, partnership business becomes successful only if the partner are becomes helpful and respectful to each other decision. you all need to take a decision for the greater interest of your business. and for this sometimes your decision will not be accepted by all. to something think something which is better for all. 

Documents Required for Partnership Business Agreement

To start a partnership business in Bangladesh You need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Name Clearance Certificate Of a Partnership Firm by The RJSC (Register of Joint Stock Companies And Firms.)
  2. Partnership Agreement Duly Notarized by the notary Public
  3. Fill Up Application From-I
  4. Particulars of the Partner
  5. Residential Address of The Partner
  6. Registered Address of the Partnership Business Office
  7. Passport Size Photo of all the partners
  8. Partnership Agreement will ensure the percentage of share, liability of profit and loss for all the partners according to their share. 

To Learn More About Partnership Business You Can Watch This Video about How to start a Partnership Business

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