Islamic Marriage Rules in Bangladesh

To get Married by following Islamic marriage rules in Bangladesh you also need to follow the Existing laws of Bangladesh. According to Bangladeshi law a person interested to marry a citizen of Bangladesh need to fulfill the following requirements.

Requirements of Marriage Under Muslim Marriage Act:

  1. Men Age Must Have to be 21 Years
  2. Women Age Must Have to be 18 Years
  3. Both Need to be Muslim to conduct Muslim Marriage
  4. Izab and Kabul Must Have to Express Properly.
  5. There must have to be 2 men or 3 women as a witness at time of marriage.
  6. Ijab and kabul need to express at the same place in front of opposite party.

Documents Required for Marriage:

According to Muslim marriage act, You need following documents:

  1. NID (National Identity Card) of Both Bride and Groom
  2. 2 Copy Passport Size Photo Of Bride And Groom
  3. If you dont Have NID than Birth Certificate is must as a proof of your age.

So, These are the requirements for being a valid marriage in Bangladesh under Islamic marriage rules.

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