Punishment Against False Dowry harassment case

In This Video I Will Discuss About punishment against false dowry harassment case. what would be the remedy for you? if your wife harassing you by filing a false dowry case. Bangladesh Government recently announced that if any wife for harassing her husband or by any malafide intention files a case under the dowry act. and if the case proved as a false case than she may punished for a term of 5 years of imprisonment. this is a milestone decision for the husbands taken by the bangladesh government. the government of bangladesh has finalized this rules as a final draft. and it will appear in the parliament very soon for being a complete act. in our society we always talk about women’s empowerment and rights. but things are being changing day by day. womens are becoming so aggressive today. men are also being deprived and tortured physically and mentally in today’s society. but men doesn’t focusing this issue towards media. some wife taken that chance to blackmailing their husband by this act. and they are forcing to pay and live together by fearing their husband on a dowry case.

What is Dowry System:

Giving Money, Property Or Any Movable Or Immovable Property Or Life Living Item As Condition Of Marriage is Called Dowry. A Dowry System is basically a customs practising for so many years in our society. no religion no laws allows anyone to apply this rules in case of marriage. but our social show off and blind concentration on ego makes this customs so rigid. and for this reason some people cant even think about marriage without dowry. in our Bangladesh dowry is strictly prohibited by the dowry prohibition act. but the think is that who cares about law and act. Our Mentality Growing Day By Day By Breaking The Law And Rules. we are making mistake from the beginning of our life. So If We Can Be Aware And Caring for our country for society we can stop this social violence.

Dowry In Islam:

In Islam There is No Such Provision Like Dowry. There is Only One Provision Regarding This Issue That is Dower/ Or Mahr/ Mohrana. And this mahr is completely different from the idea of Dowry. Mahr is a right of wife in islam. in every muslim marriage there must have to be a mahr. mahr is paid by groom to the bride as a secured money for the groom. it is her right get mahr from her husband. mahr has to be paid before any sexual intercourse with the bride. so, this understands us that how important it is for bride. but taking money from the bride is completely against islam. according to islam bride doesn’t need to pay a single cent to her husband in any muslim marriage.


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