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No.1 Free Legal Advice And Laws of Bangladesh Portal।
June 28, 2022, 2:52 pm
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Registration Procedure of Civil Aircraft-Aviation Law। Par-01

  • Update Time : Tuesday, February 23, 2021,
  • 948 Time View
aviation law in Bangladesh
aviation law in Bangladesh

Aviation law in Bangladesh is not widely discussed on the internet. in this civil aircraft registration series, I will try to discuss the civil aircraft registration procedure and try to make this procedure easier for your understanding.

We all know that Bangladesh is a developing country. investment in Bangladesh are growing rapidly compared to all other south Asian country. high profile investors are showing their interest to invest in Bangladesh in various sector. aviation sector is one of the most futuristic sector in Bangladesh. day by day our aviation sector is also improving its services and in last few years we have seen that several civil aviation operators running their business with this aviation sector successfully.

There are so many investors in Bangladesh with huge capital but, they don’t understand the formalities and procedure of civil aviation operator registration procedure.

According to the civil aviation act of 2017 No civil aircraft shall be allowed to be operated in Bangladesh unless it is registered under this act.

Registration Procedure Of Civil Aircraft:

  1. For registration of any civil aircraft, an application shall have to be
    made to the Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority Of Bangladesh (CAAB).
  2. Upon receipt of an application if the Chairman is satisfied that the prescribed conditions, have been met, he shall register the aircraft and issue a registration certificate to the operators.
  3. If any civil aircraft is registered under this civil aviation act of 2017, it shall be recognized as a Bangladeshi aircraft.

This Civil Aircraft Registration Procedure is more complex then your imagination in reality but, i will try to make it as easier as possible. so you have to wait for part by part article.

No one from Bangladesh has described this issue before. this is one of the most important part of aviation law in Bangladesh.

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