Rights of tenants under house rent law 1991 Bangladesh

Rights of tenants and Landlords was established by the existing Bangladesh house rent law 1991. but most of them are not aware and concern about this law. this types of problem arising every day in Dhaka City. most of the tenants and landlords even don’t know about their rights. although some people know the law but they totally ignored it and violating the existing law openly. todays we are talking about tenants. if you are a tenants than this article is specially for you. every tenants should know the rights of tenants statuted in house rent law 1991 in Bangladesh. 

Rights of Tenants in House rent Law 1991

According to House Rent Control Act 1991 Bangladesh some provision has been applied for both tenants and landlords. we will discuss here what rights has been ensured for tenants in this act. so these are:

  1. A Landlord can not increase his rent within 2 years from the rent agreement date. but it must have to be logical and for valid ground. 
  2. In Some cases landlord tried to make the tenants defaulter for vacating his house. in that case a tenants has a right to pay his rent in court to avoid the charge of defaulter. 
  3. in any other related issues a tenants can file a complaint in the house rent control court which is basically a court of senior assistant judge.
  4. if any landlord refuse to take the rent at instant without noticing any reason than a tenants can pay his rent within 15 days from such refusal by money order in the name of landlord. if landlord did not receive the money order than tenants can pay that money in the assistant judge court.  

So, these are rules and rights of tenants in house rent control act 1991

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