Special Marriage in Bangladesh Rules and Procedure

Are You Interested to Know About Special Marriage in Bangladesh. Or Do you have a plan for special marriage in Bangladesh? If Yes, Then in this article i am going to discuss about the rules and procedure you should follow before taking preparation of special marriage.

Requirements for Special Marriage in Bangladesh?

Age Requirement:

  1. For Bride You Must Have to be 18 years old according to Bangladeshi Law.
  2. For Groom you must have to be 21 years old.

Religious Requirement:

  1. Bride and Groom must hold two different religion. which religion doesn’t matter but both must hold two different religion.
  2. Same religion can not marry each other by this special marriage law.

Documents Required For Special Marriage in Bangladesh

  1. NID Of Both Bride And Groom to Prove that you fulfill the age requirement.
  2. If You dont have NID then Birth Certificate that fulfill the age requirement.
  3. In Addition SSC Certificate may required if you dont have NID.
  4. 4 Copy Passport Size Photo of Both Bride and Groom.
  5. Affidavit of Special Marriage.
  6. Passport needed if you are a foreigner.

Legal Requirement of Special Marriage in Bangladesh

  1. To Conduct Special Marriage you must have to give a notice to the special marriage register before 14 days of marriage date.
  2. You must have to bring three adult witness on the date of marriage.
  3. And You have to complete affidavit of marriage.
  4. You can not marry again if you already have a husband/wife alive by this law. you must have to be single or legally divorced.
  5. you can not adopt anyone by this law.
  6. If you are a father and you dont have any child then you can adopt a child.
  7. any foreigner from any country can marry Bangladeshi citizen except government service holder of Bangladesh.
  8. if any Bangladeshi government service holder wants to marry any foreign citizen he/she needs to take approval from the Bangladesh Government.


Ibrahim Khalil Palash (Advocate, Supreme Court Of Bangladesh)

Mobile: 01747012863

Email: ibrahimkhalilpalash@gmail.com

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