Supreme Court Of Bangladesh Will Clarify Soon regarding the earlier prohibition on Sub Judice Case Reporting

Register of Supreme Court Of Bangladesh has issued a circular in last Thursday and requesting that news about sub judice case matter not be published or broadcast in any print or electronics media. but, on that circular, there was no clarification. as a result, lots of criticism and discussion is going on over the print and electronics. there is lots of confusion among the journalist. and lots of question is still to be asked by the journalist forum regarding this circular.

Some Journalists forum and journalist community demanded to withdraw this circular. some of them said that this is against the freedom of journalism. law minister says that there is no bar on reporting. and after this statement, it becomes more complex among the journalist.

Finally Today at 20th may in a press breifing law minister says that, Supreme Court will clarify about the earlier prohibition on news reporting in a sub judice case.

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