Uttaradhikar Calculator Apps Helps You to Calculate Inheritance Property

Uttaradhikar Calculator Apps and website was launched in 31st december 2016. it was a nice initiative for the general citizen of bangladesh. we know there is lots of land related problem was pending as a case in the court. after death of any person the property of that person becomes the inheritance property. and the family member of the deceased person will have rights to enjoy that property under the muslim inheritance law. According to the muslim law there is so many different rules for the each family member. according to the relation with the deceased person rights of portion will also be different in muslim law. In Most cases this is very hard to remember and also to calculate the inherent property for the general people. and to solve this problem governments decided to make this calculation easier for all. they developed this apps with an website.

How To Use Uttoradhikar Calculator

Using This Apps is very easy. just open this Uttaradhikar Calculator Apps After Downloading From Google Play Store.

You Can Also visit www.uttoradhikar.gov.bd. to calculate your inheritance property from website.

To Learn More About Uttaradhikar Calculator Apps


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