What is MOA And AOA? Contents Of MOA And AOA

MOA is a Short Form Of Memorandum of Association And AOA is a Short form of Article of Association. In this Article we will discuss about the definition of MOA and AOA.

MOA And AOA is the Backbone or Constitution of A Company. All Of Your Company Activities and rules and regulation will be operated by the MOA and AOA. So, You Must have to be careful about preparing MOA and AOA for your company. otherwise you may face lots of legal problem in near future. so, you should appoint an expert company practicing lawyer who has some experience in this matter.

Lets Learn More About MOA and AOA

Memorandum Of Association Contents:

Generally A Memorandum Of Association or MOA includes all the objectives of a company. like these are:

  1. Registered Name of a Company.
  2. Registered Office Location of A Company.
  3. What types of business you will do.
  4. How Many Types of Business you are interested to do.
  5. what are the materials you need to export or import for your business.
  6. All the Supporting Services you may need in future.
  7. all the supporting initiative and activities you may need in future.
  8. Authorized capital and share capital of a company.
  9. Liability clause of a company.
  10. Name, Address, And Other Details with Photograph of a Share Holder.
  11. Name of 2 Witness

So, This Are the Things you have to consider before preparing a Memorandum Of Association (MOA).

Articles of Association Contents:

Articles of Association is very important documents for a company. all the regulatory procedure of a company are following by the articles of association. so, these are the contents are mostly remain in the article of association.

  1. Name of a Company
  2. Share Allocation and share distribution policy
  3. Directors and board of directors powers and functions.
  4. meeting policy.
  5. terms of services
  6. Disqualifications of directors.

So, These are the contents for articles of association.

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