What is private equity firms and how does it works?

private equity firms are the next generation business leader. in bangladesh most of us we don’t know about private equity. a maximum number of entrepreneur even don’t know the existence of the idea of this types of private equity firms.

Concept about private equity firms

suppose you are planning to start a business. you have a fantastic business idea which is unique and not even exist in your country. and there is a possibility to dominate this business for certain time by your own concept. if your idea makes a possibility to do business and earning revenue than you are the right person can take the advantage from the private equity firms. generally young entrepreneur has lots of unique business idea but they don’t have financial capacity to establish their plan. they don’t have the proper business supportive link. even in some cases some entrepreneur even don’t know how to operate business professionally and effectively. in that case to give all that support venture company or private equity firms gives you the solution to support you financially and in all other ways as per your need. in returns they will take ownership of your private limited company by holding a number of equity or shares according to the investment and concerning other services. they will be also be a owner like. they will own your idea and business limited by shares. you can take back your full ownership after a certain time by paying the share amount as per current market price. 

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